How do we provide value?

Learn more about how FundsFi provides value to you & Defi projects.
Take a look at the What is FundsFi? Page to get a better understanding of this page.

Our Products

Our Dapps/Services are aimed towards supporting Defi Projects & Individuals in Defi across every network. Our products will always be free to use with no ads forever! Check out our Tools page to see what products we’ve launched. Also, check out our roadmap to take a look at the products that we will be launching this year in Defi.

Our Games

Our prototype game is a game where communities can hang out and host massive AMA’s, concerts, live streams and a massive hub for communities with mini games within the game!
Note: Our first game will just be a prototype but our second game will be at a much bigger scale and with much higher quality using Unreal Engine 5!
Check out FundsFi, the first metahuman on Harmony!

Our Investments

Take a look at our Treasury Page to understand how and where our money is allocated!
We invest into Defi Projects and in our NETWORK & Community teams to create the future of Defi. In the treasury, FundsFi's investments are structured by our governors in our community.
There are various different types of Investments that we can make into your project! Such as Trading Tokens, Staking and strategies focused around your project. Check out the treasury page to understand the types of investments.
Our investments obviously provide your project value financially but the trust of projects across the entire network increases because we invested in you and your project! Also, FundsFi’s community & The NETWORK & Community Teams trust grows as well if your project ends up growing.

Development Support

We provide development private & public support to Individuals & Projects in the Defi Space. Check out pages like Development Support to learn more about how we provide development support.
Our development support can take form in many different ways. It can be by providing tutorials on how to use our tools or we launch new tools just for your needs or it can look like having a private chat about questions about anything relating to Defi or Crypto.

Crypto Jobs/Freelancing

Take a look at the NETWORK & Community Teams page to get a better understanding of this part!
We can provide our community and Individuals & Project’s Communities the ability to get jobs and freelancing opportunities for your entire community!
This is beneficial in many ways for your community such as growth and constant engagement for your community and the best part is the tasks/jobs can be completely about your project. Your project can use the NETWORK & Community teams for your benefit.