Our Token

Use $FUNDS token for your project.
Our $FUNDS token is currently on Harmony Network and we want to allocate some of the $FUNDS to projects that want to partner with FundsFi in the future! This means you can have $FUNDS as your project's token with emissions, vesting period already configured.

NFT Projects

Check out the NFT Collections page on how we can help create your first NFT collection! We will also offer your NFT project a token! Your NFT project can use the $FUNDS token for trading NFT's, staking your NFT's to earn $FUNDS and much much more.


With the NETWORK you can create your own FundsFi branch or project and we'll support you with development & allocate some of the supply to our token.
There are many more benefits of using the $FUNDS token for your project or just giving it some utility in your project. The $FUNDS token will be used in a lot places across Defi.
Talk to us on our discord or email us if you want to use the $FUNDS token for your project!