Investments of $ONE allocated towards the DEX will be tracked here.

FundsFi DEX

FundsFi DEX will be launched on multiple networks harmony being the first one. Partnered projects tokens or $FUNDS will have no swapping fees from us. Meaning you will be able swap to $FUNDS or any other partnered project tokens with no fees. There will be fees for swapping non-partnered projects. Like any other DEX you will be able to provide LP for your tokens.
We will be using FundsFi community Teams to help build FundsFi DEX quicker and they will be paid.

$ONE Allocated/Used to DEX: (Tracker Coming Soon)

$FUNDS Liquidity Provided on other dexes:

We are still in the presale phase. After that there will be a list of swaps that we've provided LP for $FUNDS and how much.

Proposal Actions for FundsFi DEX must include:

  • Please specify what you want changed on the DEX. (Transaction Fees, removing or adding no fees for certain tokens/coins etc)
  • Please specify the benefits and risks if this proposal is passed in great detail.
  • Please provide any other details you think would allow your proposal to pass.

FundsFi DEX will launch soon after all 4 Rounds of presale of $FUNDS have been completed. (NOTE: Liquidity for $FUNDS will first be provided on other swaps after the presale)