Trading Coins/Tokens

Buying and holding certain coins/tokens from FundsFi treasury's funds.

FundsFi Treasury Trading Coins/Tokens

FundsFi treasury will buy coins/tokens of certain projects. They can be of partnered projects as well.

Proposals Actions for buying coins/tokens must Include:

  • 1 or Multiple Coins/Tokens to buy. (Follow the Staking Coins/Tokens proposal requirements if you want the coins/tokens to be staked)
  • Expected return of ROI after specified time has passed.
  • Specify when Coin/Token should be sold or not. If not specified a later date and time to be sold the team will decide to sell it when it is at a profit.
  • Risk Analysis of the Investment.
  • Please provide any other details you think would allow your proposal to pass.
  • Proposals can also include the usage of trading bots or doing flash loans.