1. Prototype Game

Prototype of Meta Estate game coming up!

Meta Estate

FundsFi is building a Metaverse like game with fully immersive capabilities and fun aracade/mini games within the game like Casino’s, Car Races, Arcade Games, In game sports games, live streams, and much more.
A metaverse type game with a player run economy. Almost Every asset/game object will be an NFT that will be tradable with financial value. With complete self-custody of assets. You will be able to trade land, Houses, Furniture, Cars and much much more!
The prototype game will have the basic functions like multiplayer, voice chat, text chat and web3 connection and some mini games to make the game fun while we work on developing Meta Estate. We want to create a active community in our server that is why we are launching a prototype of this game using Unity 2022.3.33 version!

More Details Coming Soon . . .