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0x135f763C5Fa7354f62B2b5BeC662Daa3f69c80DC - Official Contract Address


FundsFi is a HRC20 Token on the Harmony Blockchain.

$FUNDS Contract Address: 0x135f763C5Fa7354f62B2b5BeC662Daa3f69c80DC

Total Supply: 1 Billion

The supply will be cut in half of the remaining amount after the presale rounds are over.


  • Buy, Sell & Mint NFT's without having to worry about price volatility.
  • Utilities in partnered project
  • Funding for P2E games & other projects
  • Holding $FUNDS will be required in the future to access dapps & protocols! (Eg. $10 worth of $FUNDS)
  • Utilities within NETWORK & Community Teams & FundsFi Branches
  • Private guild access to HOLDERS of $FUNDS and our NFT's.
Our Dapps 20%
Treasury 20%
Our Games 20%
Staking Pools 20%
NETWORK & FundsFi Teams 14%
Our Dapps is protocols we will be launching in the future like lending protocols, DEX etc and this has a allocation of 20%.
This includes all activities that may need allocation of $FUNDS that are not yet discovered or planned to launch in the future.
There can be proposals made to change these allocations.
Treasury funding includes Grants, Partnered Project Investments and Safe Investments. See the Treasury Allocations Spreadsheet for more details.
Includes everything from the treasury allocations sheet.
There can be proposals made to change these allocations.
This includes all of the Defi games that we will be launching including games developed by the NETWORK & FundsFi Community Teams in the future.
This includes anything relating to the game that will require the use of $FUNDS and that needs allocation.
There can be proposals made to change these allocations.
This is for rewards for the stakers of the staking pools current and in the future.
Current Staking Pools & Allocations List: (Coming Soon)
There can be proposals made to change these allocations.
These $FUNDS are specially allocated towards the NETWORK & FundsFi Community Teams within FundsFi. These funds will be used for funding projects, paying team members and the NETWORK community for contributing to creation FundsFi branches. This also incudes marketing within these branches and anything related to these branches.
Core Team 1%
Marketing 5%
We will only be taking 1% of total supply to ourselves and will likely invest it back into the project.
1% currently = 10 Million
These are all locked and there is a vesting period about realising the tokens to the team. Vesting Period:
Amount of tokens released every month: Decided by the impact of sell off if the tokens are sold.
The maximum threshold is 2% sell off.
This is for airdrops, contests etc. Anything that involves growing the user base and marketing.
5% might not seem like a lot but from 1 Billion it's 50 Million.


All tokens will be released onto the market as we gain more revenue and grow, to ensure that $FUNDS doesn't dilute itself.
Meaning as we make more money and grow we will keep adding more liquidity to the pair and keep releasing more $FUNDS onto the market.