Development Support provided by FundsFi to allow for Innovation to happen in Defi!

Supporting Innovation

Support with Tools for NETWORK & Community Teams and launching mini products. We will provide development support for Defi projects and users in Defi and provie everyone with the necessary tools to succeed and grow in Defi!
Take a look at the Tools page to get a better understanding of the Tools we're referring to!
We will try to support as many people as possible to the best of our abilities! But we are trying to create a system/community where if you want help, there will always be an oppurtinity at FundsFi for you to grow and improve no matter you gender, race, ethnicity & age!

Supporting Artists

We are supporting every artists by giving every artist the opportunity by us to create & launch their own first NFT collection! We will be teaching the artists how to very easily create your own collection and be able to sell your art on a NFT marketplace!
Check out the Supporting Artists Page in this whitepaper!
We will be suing the Hashlips engine to the art generation happen and you can follow along their videos to do it on your own! We are using their engine because we want to get it to as amny people as possible!