F2P/P2E Games Built by FundsFi!

Meta Estate Prototype

In our prototype game of Meta Estate we will hosting massive open & private hubs with voice chat & text chat and to just hangout and chat.
We will be doing massive concerts for the entire Harmony Protocol and massive networking events within our game!
There will also be sponsorship opportunities from other Defi projects like hosting in game AMA's, banner ads, Private Project Lobbies like only token holders can get and many many more amazing events!

In Game Project AMA's

Project’s can host massive AMA’s up on our stage using our private our public lobbies in our game!
Doing AMA’s in our is a great way of growing your project’s community and increasing trust for your project in the Harmony ONE Community.
You can do project AMA’s with other project’s or we would always be happy to do AMA’s with your project!
If you’re doing an AMA with another project in our game you don’t have to ask for permission just host a private or a public lobby! Although if you would like to have a custom stage in game including your logo then you can message us about it and we can set up custom artifacts in game relating to your project!
If you would like to host an AMA on our game with us just message us on discord or email us at : [email protected]

E-Sports Projects Streams

You are able to do Game streams or just streams of video games or anything in our game!
Doing streams in our game would make your stream feel way more immersive than just doing it on a website! You’ll be able to interact with your audience on a next level! You can also run giveaways in game with no charge to you at all!
If you would like to do streams regularly or just once please only email us and we can do a partnership! (Email link above)
Defi projects are able to host Game Concerts or Giveaways in our Game! Sponsored in game concerts will include a bunch of ads in game with your projects branding in most places around the game!
Hosting giveaways in our game is simple: either you can host it or you can give the giveaway tokens and we can host it for you!
Email us or message us in our Community Discord if you would like to sponsor.

Massive Advertising Opportunities

Like you’ve seen above already there is lot’s opportunities to advertise your project and or brand in our game.

Meta Estate Coming Up

Our Meta Estate game will be scaling this to a much higher level with higher quality graphics and better running games using Unreal Engine 5.
Check out the Meta Estate Page in our Products RoadMap.