Community Events


We plan to do a lot of airdrops using the funds in the treasury and lot's of airdrops contests to engage the community!
This also includes plans to communicate with influencers and other projects and doing airdrops of $FUNDS on their platform!


There will be contests like NFT Contests, Collection Contests etc. The purpose of these contests is to engage the community and create a supporting environment. We will do that by creating team contests where you'll need to connect with other people to win the contest.

Games Events

In our prototype game of Meta Estate we will hosting massive open & private hubs with voice chat & text chat and to just hangout and chat.
We will be doing massive concerts for the entire Harmony Protocol and massive networking events within our game!
There will also be sponsorship opportunities from other Defi projects like hosting in game AMA's, banner ads, Private Project Lobbies like only token holders can get and many many more amazing events!