3. NFT Marketplace

FundsFi's Next Gen NFT Marketplace Coming Up Soon!
On our NFT Marketplace you will be able to view and list any NFT’s for free. All NFT purchases will be done using $FUNDS or $ONE.
Any NFT’s that you create or own you will be able to view them on our NFT marketplace.
All NFT’s that already exist or new NFT’s that will come into existence you will always be able to stake them to earn $FUNDS or $ONE. Projects can partner up with FundsFi’s NFT Branch to verify yourself and set custom rewards for users staking your NFT’s. The rewards can be earning your token or any other token provided by you. (Could be stablecoins)
After we launch our NFT marketplace we will be working on adding custom actions for certain NFT projects like: Racing, Burning and much more project NFT specialized tools for the users.