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This page has a list of current investments that treasury has invested in.

FundsFi Treasury Goals

  • $100K
  • $500K
  • $1M
  • $5M
  • $10M
  • $25M
  • $35M
  • $50M
  • $100M
  • $130M
  • $150M
  • $170M
  • $200M
  • $250M
  • $300M
  • $350M
  • $400M
  • $500M
  • $600M
  • $700M
  • $800M
  • &900M
  • $1B
  • $1.5B
  • $2B
  • $2.5B
  • $3B
  • $4B
  • $5B
  • $6B
  • And we keep going

Multi-sig Wallet FundsFi Treasury Contract : 0xA3C5c6121C4C65AD8b99c53a80cc2af7F369aaD3

Treasury Trackers

(NOTE: There is currently some test $ONE in there. Funds will be deposited soon in a couple of days after we get our whole team as signers.)

Current Treasury Investments
Staking PoolsBank Rewards
Bank RewardsBank Rewards
Lending Coins/TokensLending Protocol/Investments
Staked Coins/TokensStaking Coins/Tokens
NFT InvestmentsNFT Investments
Trading Coins/Tokens Trading Coins/Tokens

Treasury Investment Strategies

Flash Loans
FundsFi Treasury will trade coins/tokens to increase treasury's value. This can include bot trading as well. Please read Trading Coins/Tokens for more info.
FundsFi Treasury will stake certain coins/tokens based on the community's decisions to increase treasury's value. Please read Staking Coins/Tokens for more detail.
FundsFi Treasury will lend out certain coins/tokens on certain Defi protocols to increase it's value. Please read Lending Protocol/Investments for more detail.
FundsFi treasury will use it's funds to invest into partnered NFT projects. This can include staking NFT's, lending NFT's etc. Please read NFT Investments for more details.
FundsFi will it use it's treasury funds to do certain flash loans. Strategies are being developed for flash loans and there will be a proposal for doing the flash after the presale.

More Details Coming Soon