Lending Protocol/Investments

Treasury Allocations towards lending coins/tokens in Defi protocols

Some treasury funds will be used to lend tokens to increase DAO's ROI and increase treasury's value.

There will be proposals for what coins/tokens we should lend created by governors or core team.
Mainly Stablecoins will lended out to earn interest.

FundsFi Lending Protocol:

We plan to launch our own Defi Lending protocol for users to use. FundsFi lending protocol will have lending capabilities of any coin/token. You will be able to lend any coin/token on harmony. More details coming soon.

Proposals Actions for Lending Protocol/Investments Must Include these Details:

  • Coins/Tokens to Lend
  • Amount of Lending
  • Specify Platforms to lend to. (You can specify multiple and must be a Defi protocol)
  • Must specify amount of time to lend these coins/tokens
  • Expected return of ROI after specified time has passed.
  • Risk Analysis of the Investment
  • Please provide any other details you think would allow your proposal to pass.
More details coming soon

Tracker Coming Soon