Our Values

What FundsFi's values are and what we prioritize

Our Priorities

  • Creating a growing environment in Defi.
  • Partnering with Defi Projects to provide immense value to them.
  • Providing Funding to Defi Projects in a Decentralized way.
  • Encouraging Innovation within the Defi space.
  • Creating a environment where "if you succeed we succeed"
  • Developing a huge networking environment.
  • Creating Jobs/Freelancing opportunities within the Defi space across all networks.
  • Allowing Innovation to happen easily in the Defi Space.
  • Growing our Treasury Value.


Decentralization is a key part of FundsFi. We see Defi as the future and we want to make Defi the future of the world. A utopia where using Defi is safe for everyone and it is secure, automated and you can be anonymous and still have lot’s of opportunities and there is no discrimination against anyone.
This also means being completely transparent about everything. We will always try to as open as possible about everything.


We understand that massive risk involved when engaging decentralized finance activities that’s why we take security very seriously. We will always try to be on the cutting edge of security technology by implementing strategies that will allow us to very easily change our software without causing user inconvenience.


If you take a look at the product's roadmap you’ll find that all of our protocols that we will always prioritize making trustless dapps and trustless protocols. We are always open to changing up our systems through proposals.


We really like the anonymity of decentralized finance and we would like to preserve it for as long as possible in many different ways. All of our dapps & protocols that we launch will never collect any of your browser data, never ask you for any private information like your email, ID etc.