Staking Coins/Tokens

FundsFi Will be Staking it's coins/tokens in the Treasury

The community will decide what/amount of coins/tokens should be staked and where.
Governors will be create proposals and if the proposal is passed then the following action will happen.
Coins/Tokens includes stakable NFT's.

Proposals Actions for Staking Coins/Tokens Must Include:

  • Coins/Tokens to stake.
  • Amount of Coins/Tokens to Stake.
  • Specify Platforms to stake to. (You can specify multiple and must be a Defi protocol)
  • If you specify multiple please provide answer to all of the actions for each platform.
  • Must specify amount of time to stake these coins/tokens.
  • Please specify if there is a minimum lockup period.
  • Expected return of ROI after specified time has passed.
  • Risk Analysis of the Investment.
  • Please provide any other details you think would allow your proposal to pass.
(Note: Any earnings from investments will be immediately swapped into stablecoins. You can propose against it and propose against this and specify a time of selling.)

Tracker Coming Soon