Sponsor Giveaways

Fill out this Form if you meet some or all requirements below: https://airtable.com/shrcyTFS2NjoyDjDH

Requirements For Sponsoring a Giveaway of a Coin/Token Giveaway on Our Server:

  • Minimum Giveaway Requirement $1000 if you want to pay out in your own token. ( Anything below that you will have to payout in Stablecoins. )
  • No Meme Coins/Tokens. (Meaning: No Pumps & Dumps, No ShitCoins)
  • No Coins/Tokens without LP in a trustworthy DEX.
  • Coins/Tokens must have atleast $1000 liqudity provided on trustworthy dexes.
  • RoadMap Plans.
  • Optional: Multisig Wallet. (The Smart Contract will also be checked for suspicious code.)
  • Optional: KYC Proof.
  • Optional: Verified Smart Contract on the Explorer.
  • Optional: Idena verification will give you discounted fees.
  • More Coming Soon.

Requirements For Sponsoring a Giveaway of a Non Fungible Token (NFT) Giveaway on Our Server:

  • Must be able to provide smart contract code for the NFT.
  • Has Volume
  • Optional: Code Audited by a trust worthy auditor.
  • More Requirements coming soon...

NOTE: You will be required to deposit all of the giveaway amount into our dev wallet: 0xAFBCA5750D6927B6039403db641ef40b1d9A123C in order to sponsor giveaways in our community.


If you're audited by a trustworthy auditor there is no fee whatsoever. However, there is a 2% overhead fee of the total giveaway amount for sponsoring a giveaway below $1000 and 5% overhead fee of the total giveaway amount for anything above $1000. This is to ensure safety of the community and project and make sure there will never be a scam giveaway. We will also check the smart contracts for any suspicious activity and take action based on what we find.