2. Staking Pools

Staking Pools protocol where you can stake every coin!
Instead of going the usual route like everyone else we will be creating a very unique staking protocol that makes every other staking protocol obsolete.
In our Staking Pools Dapp where you'll be able to:
  • Single Stake every coin/token that has over $250K in Liquidity to earn $FUNDS
  • Only coins/tokens that you own that meet the LP requirement will be automatically shown on the Dapp! Stable APY in $FUNDS for all single stake pools!
The higher $ worth you stake in those coins more rewards you'll earn in $FUNDS!

Types of Staking Pools:

  • Single Stake
  • LP Token Stake
  • Earning $ONE & $DAI in Bank by locking up $FUNDS
  • Limited Time Partnered Project Pools!
There is lot's of utility for $FUNDS check out the $FUNDS page in tokenomics!
How, the staking pools will work & the emissions rate is being developed by our team!


Being able to stake every coin/token that has over $250k Liqudity in our staking pools will allow our staking pools value rapidly.