Community Teams

Community Advertisers

Community Advertisers contribute to the marketing part of the project meaning you will get to create marketing strategies for FundsFi & Partnered Projects. Advertise FundsFi & Partnered Projects on other servers, platforms etc. As well as create graphic designs for FundsFi & Partnered Projects. Could be as small as a banner for a post or a full on NFT.

Community Developers

Community Developers contribute to the front end and the backend development of the project. Select this Role if you’re some or a lot of experience in front end or backend using HTML, Javascript, CSS, SCSS, Typescript etc.

Community Networkers

Community Networkers contribute to the project by bringing in connections to Founders of other projects or other P2E games. As a community Networker you will reach out to Projects on any network that you as a team thinks best fits partnerships with FundsFi.

How teams get paid?

Teams will get paid in $FUNDS by completing certain tasks. All teams will get a montly balance of $FUNDS and the team captain decides where the money will flow to and who will get paid and who won't.

Community Teams Team Captain Applications Coming Soon

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