NFT Investments

FundsFi Treasury NFT Investments

FundsFi Treasury NFT Investments

Governors will be create proposals for what NFT's should the treasury buy with it's funds and new proposals for what it should do with it's holdings of NFT's. There can be highly detailed proposals for NFT investments.
NOTE: We will likely start investing after the presale.

Proposals Actions for NFT Investments Must Include:

  • Specify Which NFT's to buy
  • Specify what actions should be taken after the NFT is bought (It can be none) like staking lending etc.
  • Specify amount of time for the investment.
  • Please specify if there is a minimum lockup period.
  • Expected return of ROI after specified time has passed.
  • Specify if the NFT should be sold or not. If not then please specify a later date and time to be sold.
  • Risk Analysis of the Investment.
  • Please provide any other details you think would allow your proposal to pass.
(Note: Any earnings from investments will be immediately swapped into stablecoins. You can propose against it and propose against this and specify a time of selling.)

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