Bank Rewards

FundsFi Bank's stablecoin holding's will be tracked here. (Coming Soon)

FundsFi Defi Bank - Launching After Presale of $FUNDS

With FundsFi Bank you will be able to stake $FUNDS and stablecoins to earn a stable interest stablecoins.
There might be a lockup period. Also, partnered projects can also allocate stablecoins to our bank so user can stake your project's token to earn in stablecoins.
We will use the help of FundsFi community teams to built dapps/protocols and they will be paid.

Proposals Actions for Bank Rewards Must Include:

  • Please specify exactly what action to take in this proposal
  • If you want to propose a change to lowering APY of bank rewards for certain stablecoin pools then please take a look at Staking Pools Changing APY requirements and imply those here.
  • If you want to propose to adding more funds from the treasury to Bank Rewards then please specify why? benefits of adding more rewards? how does it increase treasury's value? how does this benefit the FundsFi ecosystem overall in great detail and any other details necessary to convince the community to vote for your proposal.
  • Please provide any other details you think would allow your proposal to pass.

More Details Coming Soon

Coming Soon