Marketing Campaigns

Marketing to get FundsFi's name out! Take a look at our strategy!

Social Media Campaigns

Click the titles above the paragraphs to go to our social medias! (ex: click Medium to go to our blog on Medium)

Our Plan:

Posting articles on medium weekly informing the community about the project updates and what's coming next each week!
The articles will always includes links to learn more about FundsFi (like website, whitepaper etc) and what's coming next in the roadmap in the end! (These plans can certainly change)
Being active on twitter is very important to us because it is starting to be adopted by the crypto space! That's we will posting tweets talking about FundsFi's products almost daily! (Tweets usually every 1-2 days)


We will posting simple videos with text to speech involved and talking about project updates and doing game sneak peeks!

Other Social Medias

Marketing Managers

We will be hiring more and more marketing managers as we grow our project and increase our revenue! Marketing managers for FundsFi will help the community grow and will execute the social media campaigns listed above in a effective way!
Join discord and DM one of our mods if you would like to become a marketing manager for FundsFi!