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What is FundsFi?

Learn more about FundsFi & our values and how we provide value!

What is FundsFi?

FundsFi is an Incubator & Investment DAO currently on Harmony that focuses it’s development on creating tools for everyone to use to allow for Innovation to happen. We hope to create an evolving economy in decentralized Finance across all networks.
We want to bring opportunities to everyone no matter your race, ethnicity or where you live. We believe in the future of Decentralized Finance and want to make it a reality, while using all the tools that have been provided to us and making them more widely available for everyone.
The 3 main issues we see with Decentralized Finance are:
  • Not being easily accessible to everyone
  • Not having enough support & automated regulation in Defi
  • Not having enough tools and resources to truly develop in Defi
FundsFi will solve all of these problems while still preserving the core values and benefits of Decentralized Finance: Anonymity, Automated Finance, Decentralized Governance.
We want to preserve those values and add security measures in a Decentralized way to prevent scams and massive hacks by creating Decentralized Economy.
FundsFi does 3 main things to achieve its goal of making Decentralized Finance more accessible to everyone and make it a reality for everyone. We do Development, Investments & Incubation.


FundsFi support’s Innovation & Development in Decentralized Finance. We want to make Defi a reality for everyone.
With access to our NETWORK & Community teams we will also help you develop your own project with the development support from FundsFi.
There are also the @Developers from the NETWORK & @Community Developers from FundsFi Community Teams, that are there to join your project or just support you with any development that you want!
All of the pages are on the left side and they are all split into different sections!


FundsFi is a DAO with a treasury that uses its capital to invest into Defi projects that are changing the future of Defi. We also, invest into our NETWORK & Community teams to ensure the growth of FundsFi and the ones in our network.
FundsFi does a lot of community based investing using the funds from the treasury. Proposals are created by governors to use the funds from the treasury to invest and grow. There are proposals like: Trading Tokens, Staking Tokens, Farming and much much more!
Check out the Investments section part of this whitepaper to learn more about investments!
Investors check out Our Values to learn more about FundsFi's values!


The incubator side of FundsFi provides opportunities for everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to earn money and have massive networking opportunities for everyone through the NETWORK & Community Teams. The NETWORK NETWORK is one of our greatest creations of all time
How are we decentralized?
We are not a corporation, rather we are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governed by it’s members holding the $FUNDS token.
Our $FUNDS has many utilities and will have many utilities in the future. All the way from just simple staking to utilities within other projects that use $FUNDS in some way or as their main token.
We have a multi-sig treasury with currently only 1 signer but we are working on growing our team and adding more multi-signers.
Check out the this medium article to learn more about $FUNDS utilities.