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Partnerships & Grants


For more info join our discord and you can message one of the admins on Discord or Telegram. We will carefully analyze your defi P2E game or other defi projects on: Player Base, Engagement, Demand, Future Potential, RoadMap & feedback from users using your project, the devs response to critical feedback. There can be sponsored one time games, but to receive continuous funding the partnerships have to be long term.

Partnership Requirements:

  • Providing utility for $FUNDS( Meaning many users trade or hold $FUNDS within the project. $FUNDS does not have to be the main token of your project or P2E game)
  • The project or P2E game must have plans to compete with other games and expand.
  • The P2E game or project must show signs of improvement.
  • More detailed requirements coming soon...

Some Benefits of Partnerships:

  • Massive Continuous Grants for your project.
  • Token Buy backs. ( With the funds in our treasury if one of our partnered token falls excessively we will buy back some of supply to maintain price. Buybacks might or might not happen ever it all depends on how strong the partnership.
  • Mentorship ( If your project is struggling with anything like: Progress, Innovation, Users Engagement or anything else we would be willing to help guide. Note: We will only give guidance to founders of the project or core developers on how to improve. )
  • Massive Networking opportunities with other successful P2E games and other projects that we've partnered with. We will also help games & projects partner with each other if they wish.
  • We will provide jobs/freelancing opportunities for our and other communities. Also, a comprehensive review of partnered projects to encourage innovation and make improvements within the Defi Space. The teams will get paid on a monthly basis in FUNDS by completing tasks.


We provide massive grants to P2E games and other projects ranging between $1000-$10,000,000. These funds can be continuous or one time depending on the project. Note: Longterm partnerships get higher grants over the years. Also, long term partnerships can be broken if the project has decreased utility of $FUNDS or decides to do a large token sell of tank the price.

Types of Grants

FundsFi Treasury Allocations- Please Refer to this spread sheet for different types of grants.

Think of grants from us like very specific milestones that have been met after a secured partnership. ( Requirements for just grants coming soon...)

Apply For Partnerships & Grants Here: